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Hicunni has been an inspiration to me.  She has encouraged me to change my eating for the health of my family by walking it out in her own home and sharing her knowledge and experience.

J. Lewis, Information Technology Specialist


Hicunni is very knowledgeable on the best foods to eat and the long term benefit they will have on your body. She has shared many healthy recipes and strategies on how to get my children to eat more veggies. I am amazed on how much information that she knows and the importance of eating healthy.

N. McQueen, Human Resources


Hicunni is so amazing! Her passion for helping us eat healthier without judgment and wrapped in love is just what we need in our family.

L. Mole, Stay at Home Mom & Vocal Artist


Hicunni ‘Foodies & Health Master” Chandler has stepped into her element. Her passion for food….not just food but healthy eating has become second nature to her. Sharing this wealth of knowledge has been partnered with passion. For this I am grateful.

Personally, I can testify to this reality as Hicunni has served as a teacher and classroom guide for my 3rd to 6th grade students at my homeschool academy in Landrum, SC. There she has created her own curriculum for my homeschool Academy, “Fun, Foodies and Wellness” course. The students took to her approach and insights to healthy eating wholeheartedly. They now have become passionate with understanding the: why’s, what and how-to’s for food and healthy consumption of it. They’ve become foodies with wellness in the forefront.

Thank you Hicunni! UCHU STEAM Academy is grateful for you.

Personally as a Mom of three of your students, I am ecstatic with how they will implement all that you’ve deposited into their foodies and wellness knowledge bank. God-speed.

A. J. Perry, Entrepreneur

Hicunni has always been a foodie.  A genuine foodie and has always been open to trying new things. When she embarked on her journey into veganism, she started sharing a lot of what she learned. As her knowledge grew, she took me along for the ride, introducing me to new foods, educating me on how different foods affect my body and how different foods were put here to heal. She was a very big influence and point of reference when I started my lifestyle change as well as a great source of support. She makes healthy look and taste great. When it comes to what food is good for/goes best with/helps with/does… it’s always- ask Hicunni. Google who? Lol

A. Bryant, Contractor


Featured Foodie: Eaters Collective

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