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Food Allergy Mamas Membership

Are you ready to get access to simple recipes and food allergy tips that you can share with other moms?

Never feel like you are alone on this journey again. Here is a sneak peek of how our community will support you…


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 Yes, you will get to chat with  me (Hicunni) as well as other moms in the private forum…be encouraged and lots of laughs.

social_allergyfriendlysfbe    Access to our favorite recipes and all cookbooks that we create. You are free to share your favorite eats as well!

 You don’t have time to search on google, various Pinterest boards, and Instagram to find allergy friendly resources.  The ‘noise’ has been turned down for you. Unlimited access to food allergy nutritional resources 24/7!

 It’s costing you time with your family to try to find ‘what works’. It’s so refreshing to share ideas with other moms in the community. We will give you advice and tips to help your child.

Our Food Allergy Mamas Community gives you time back with your family! Simple, fun, and easy…more time, easier job for you!

Did we mention that this membership community is affordable? I personally wish there was more support for me years ago, where resources and recipes can right at my finger tips, daily!

 We are doing this for YOU! This isn’t a way for me to get rich quick. Even after 8 plus years of having children with food allergies, I LOVE chatting with other moms and having ACCOUNTABILITY. I am reminded when we are having a horrible day, that we are not alone. There is a community of moms that understand and can link arms with us on this journey.

My wife and I have learned a lot from The Chandlers in terms of loving children, eating healthy,…
The Lewis Family

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