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Interview / Cindy Ball: Tea Docent

Interview / Cindy Ball: Tea Docent



I had the honor of interviewing, Cindy Ball, owner of The Vibe Tea House. She is a Tea Docent who uses loose leaf teas and herbals to transform women’s health. She blends her own teas and herbal blends which are amazing! Check out the interview details below…
Background & Experience
Cindy Ball has about 40 years of experience with all natural teas and herbals tea blends and has been sharing her experience in business for 4 years now.

Per Cindy, this new venture came about…

After my transition from Indianapolis to Spartanburg to take care my mom full time. She had congestive heart failure and asthma and had a lot of side effects from medications.

There were some concerns within the family due to her age (93) to using herbs because we have become so conditioned to “follow the doctor’s order”. Her mom passed away in 2013, but that didn’t stop Cindy, she continued on with her journey of helping to invoke change in clients’ “internal environment”.

We all need to be more diligent about using food as our medicine, but need to recognize that use of herbs and other natural foods are more effective for preventive measures versus for chronic medical conditions. The use of teas are good for creating a healthy internal environment in the body so the body can do it’s own regenerative work.

Cindy Ball is actively providing the following types of services:

  • Herbal Health Workshops, via churches, hospitals, community centers, retirement communities, etc
  • Online store hosting a plethora of teas and herbal blends.
  • Tea Forum where you can share information on diet, nutrition, and other helps.
  • Corporate Wellness Educator, helping employees with ‘after lunch’ health management
  • Vendor for special events, festivals, home parties/tea tastings.
  • Custom blending of special flavors and for certain health concerns

As Cindy explained,

Because people are seeking alternative natural remedies in caring for their health, more and more people are open to herbal remedies to address their health challenges.


Benefits of Loose Leaf Teas

Loose-leaf teas are more robust than tea found in traditional tea bags. All teas have antioxidants that will naturally boost the immune system, help to lower cholesterol, expel toxins out of the body, and regulate insulin intake. Tea aids our mental health by helping us to slow down and become more receptive to the world and in tuned to life…mind and body work together.” Drinking it warm helps with digestion.

Wow! That was my response. It is mind blowing the impact of getting back to nature, what God, what the universe intended.My personal favorite is A Woman’s Friend, in which it has become one of my best friends.

I will provide a link at the end where you can purchase it. I have been using this blend along with my essential oils for a month during my monthly cycle. The cramping compared to last month has almost completely diminished as well as my overall mood.

Here is what Cindy Ball had to say about A Woman’s Friend.

I created it to mimic the impact of the natural reduction of hormones that occur in the body as we age. This tea helps to balance the hormones, alleviate cell damage, and to act as an adrenal hormone replacement. There are 11 different herbs and roots in this herbal blend.

Just hearing her speak on this and understanding the time and research that was included in creating this blend is phenomenal.

Moms, if you are wondering if there is anything available for your husbands, yes she has blends for them as well. I will include her website information below. Did I mention, that she was invited to the Cancer Center to assist with Men’s prostate health?
This was an amazing interview! Due to technical issues the audio didn’t save, in which we will have to invite her back so you can hear the passion and wisdom in her voice!

So, do you want to know how you can incorporate loose leaf teas and herbals into your daily routine?Here are a few of Cindy Ball’s recommendations to incorporate and substitute.  

  • Black tea can be used in the morning as a substitute for coffee. It has about 60% caffeine than 5 oz coffee. But, black tea increases memory, concentration, promotes blood flow to the brain, burns fat and increases metabolism.
  • White tea is a natural anti inflammation, helps decrease hypertension, stimulates your collagen, helps promote a healthy lining of the the kidney, liver, eyes, stomach, lungs, urinary tract, and intestines.  She has a Mango Mimosa White Tea that is one of her more popular teas.
  • Throughout the day, she suggests an herbal blend or flavored tea such as Cranberry Orange or another herbal tea is great for mid-morning or as an afternoon “pick me up”.
  • Black Dragon Oolong Tea is a great de-stressor or transitional tea from work to home.
Mom, you have some great options!  Black tea is on my list, I need more concentration to wear my many hats. What about you?
Cindy Ball’s contact information is listed below!

What a breath of fresh air this interview was! So exciting using nature to aid in mind body nutrition. Where mind meets body! Remember,

Nutrition is more that what’s on your plate and the weight that you carry. -H. Chandler

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