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Interview / The Nutrition Formula

Interview / The Nutrition Formula





I am super excited to be finished with my Certification through The Institute for The Psychology of Eating. Just in case you missed it. I just received my Certification as a Dynamic Eating Psychology Coach. I was honored to receive this cutting edge training and to glean so much from March David, Emily Rosen, and there team. To learn more about my training, click here.

I will continue to support my Food Allergy Mamas community. In addition, I have started seeing clients in the areas of weight loss, body image, emotional eating, as well as other health realted issues like fatigue and digestion issues. This portion of my coaching deals with mind body nutrtion. So, here on my website you will find answers for Food Allergies and Mind Body Nutrition.

What’s Coming Up

I will be interviewing alum that have been actively coaching those in Eating Psychology & Mind Body Nutrition. I felt that this would be a great way to introduce you in more detail of the nature of our work.

I also will be interviewing others that work with natural remedies and offer products to impact the health of women. As moms we always need a little ‘extra’!

Continue to join me for the conversation on food allergies and mind body nutrition.

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