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Food Allergy Mamas Is A Safe Place

Food Allergy Mamas Is A Safe Place


According to FARE (Food Allergy Research & Education), 1 in 13 children have food allergies. Did you know that is about 2 children in every classroom?

I don’t know about you but that is heart wrenching. Our sweet little children are being diagnosed with food allergies more and more each year.

What about the parents that can’t afford to get their children tested for food allergies? There may be even more with undiagnosed food allergies.

So ,what do we do about it? There is probably a list of things or circumstances that we can blame and point the finger at, but the bottom line is that more and more people need to be aware that this is serious.

We need food to live. We want food to work for our children’s bodies not against it. We don’t want food to be an enemy to our precious children.

For 8 years we have been on this journey with food allergies. Our son was diagnosed at the age of 2 years old with a peanut allergy and milk allergy that were the “big picks”.

Years later there are more foods that he is allergic to.  Our daughter also has several food allergies and intolerances that he was diagnoised with a few years ago, one being gluten.

We have been on a natural living journey, getting back to real foods and natural remedies. I’ve been learning a lot in my Eating Psychology & Mind Body Nutrition Coaching program as well.

Food Allergy Mamas was birthed out of this. We wanted to focus more on what we specifically deal with on a daily basis.

This is our food allergy lifestyle that we want to share with you and want to be there for you as you embark on your journey.

Food Allergy Mamas wants to be a safe place for moms to be encouraged and empowered. We want to help you create fun food for your children through sharing tips and recipes.

We welcome you to the FAM! Be empowered mom, you can do this…we are in this thing together!

Even if you have been on this journey for years, I am sure you will find our resources helpful.

So, what should you do now? Click on the link below for instant free access to our eCourse. We have 10 Tips On How to Help You Keep Your Sanity!

Again, welcome to the FAM

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